‘Textile in Art’ by Abdoulaye Konaté

A debut showcase of Abdoulaye Konaté’s Textile Pieces in Nigeria
The Red Door Gallery, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria
3rd - 5th November, 2018
Abdul Umar Doggi & Dolly Kola-Balogun
Assistant Curator
Joshua Chacko Jonathan
Media Coverage
Joshua Chacko Jonathan

Retro Africa and Galerie Medina are pleased to present, ‘Textile in Art’ by Abdoulaye Konaté. A very first glance of a small selection of his textile works in Lagos, Nigeria.

Works by Abdoulaye Konaté (b. 1953 Diré, Mali) primarily takes the form of textile-based installations that explore socio-political and environmental issues, as well as showcasing his aesthetic concerns and formal language. Konaté questions the way in which societies and individuals, both in Mali and beyond, have been affected by factors such as war, the struggle for power, religion, globalisation, ecological shifts and the AIDS epidemic. Employing material native to Mali, namely woven and dyed cloths, the artist creates large-scale abstract and figurative compositions. Konaté refers to the West-African tradition of using textiles as a means of commemoration and communication, balancing global political and social reflections with a reference to his own local and cultural history.

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