Òmó Oba (HRH) Adetomiwa A. Gbadebo

Mixed Media
1-54 Contemporary Art Fair, LONDON 2018

Born Prince Adetomiwa A. Gbadebo in Abeokuta, Nigeria; Prince Gbadebo uses his Yoruba heritage and experiences to create his pieces based on emotions and the journey that life stitches; as well as embody a spiritual trance while he creates. As multiple beginning ideas develop in his conscious and unconscious mind, they tend to evolve into much more with the guidance of his Yoruba ancestors, Orisha’s and Philosophies. He also pushes to teach humanity to truly see what they are choosing not to, question all conscious solutions given; while selflessly aiming for positive progression for all alike and different. Yoruba spirituality and cultural music as well as activist and Afrobeat founder/musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti also has a huge influence on why he creates fierce and strong works of art today. Gbadebo has been exhibited in numerous international art fairs, most notably Expo Chicago in 2015 with Pearl Lam Galleries, Istanbul Art International, Art Brussels, Volta NY and Volta Basel with Ethan Cohen.


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