Franklyn Enebeli

Visual Artist
Franklyn Enebeli
Primarily known for his Mixed Media & Acrylic on canvas pieces
Exhibitions with Retro Africa
Afro Modernism, Afro Spective

Franlyn Enebeli is a multi-talented artist born and raised in Nigeria. He has always wanted to be an artist and thus he put in the effort to learn as much as possible, going through the A-Z in terms of acquiring knowledge and skills relating to Painting and Sculpting. His artworks are commonly known in the art community through his signature BELI and they are gaining recognition daily because of their unique abstract style. Frank Enebeli’s thoughts and feelings are shown in his art pieces, he attempts to share his views on life with his inspiration coming from all that surrounds him including his traditions, previous experiences and the society he lives in today.

“ Art is my passion, my life and its self expressive for me. Most times I try to send a message, while other times I allow the audience to relate to it on their own. Allowing the work and the audience communicate with each other.”


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