Generation Y

A Contemporary Art Exhibition 
The Exhibition Pavilion, Abuja.
29 March 2018
Abdullahi Umar & Dolly Kola-Balogun
Assistant Curators
Joshua Chacko Jonathan, Seun Adeyemi.
Paintings, Drawing, Mixed Media Art Pieces.

The Working Theme for the exposition is “Generation Y”. This Expo will attempt to touch-on contemporary issues through the eyes of millennials. Generation Y. intends to capture the zeitgeist of one generation through art. Millennials are a demographic cohort routinely described as rule-breakers, notorious creatives, dreamers, a generation plagued with delinquency.

As time progresses the world seems to contract, dwindle and shrink, we become increasingly aware of all that occurs around us, a series of intersecting lives with the ability to infinitely and unknowingly influence the other. Expo Generation Y. will have a comprehensive look at the influence of time, geography, history and the effect of technology on the young artists of this generation. In an attempt to discover themselves, through the uncertainties and experiences that life provides, their work and thought processes evolve and pave the way to the future.

This expo will highlight the youths interpretation of culture. It will answer the following lingering questions: what does culture mean to young artists? How is it perceived in contemporary times?

Opening on Thursday March 29th at The Exhibition Pavilion, beside The International Conference Centre, on Herbert Macaulay Way. See you there!

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